Welcome, Earth Dwellers

The firmament is blue forever and the Earth

Will long stand firm and bloom in spring

But, Man, how long will you live?


earthOur planet is far enough away from the sun that we do not perish in flames, yet close enough that we do not freeze. An atmosphere wraps us protectively, like a blanket, and gives us breath. Food proliferates, verdant, or on padded paws. Planet Earth feeds us, clothes us, sustains us. We consume copious amounts of her bounteous offerings, too often with little thought to sustainability. Our planet is changing. It is our responsibility to see that change does not harm our home in ways that make it uninhabitable to us.

This blog will highlight intriguing natural phenomena and explore the degradation occurring in our natural world. I intend to report without placing blame. Draw your own conclusions. I Invite your comments and ask that differing opinions be offered politely. If you are contributing to our planet’s sustainability, or know of someone who is, feel free to share ideas. Welcome, Earth Dwellers, Earth Lovers, Earth Guardians!

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