Arthur the Arthropod

Arthur the Arthropod coverArthur the Arthropod

 Feeling quite vulnerable when his shell comes off, the young centipede Arthur tries to overcome his feelings of inferiority by bragging. When his leaf is washed out to sea in a sudden deluge, Arthur discovers he is part of a very large family that includes his neighbors, a mosquito, a dragonfly, and even a crawfish. He receives delightfully repetitive advice from his wise Mama, and ultimately realizes that he has everything he needs!

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4 responses to “Arthur the Arthropod

  1. Good message here. I’ll be looking for more post on the topic.

    • Thanks, Susie! Really two messages. One a life lesson, another, the basics of entymology for little guys who do or do not like bugs!

  2. Ann-Marie Magné

    Bonnie, your book sounds adorable. Are you an Arthur-pod-ologist?

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