On the Care of Our Common Home

Significant change is occurring in our atmosphere, the security blanket that is a protective wrap around our earthly home, keeping this a comfortable place to Security Blanketlive. But species, both plants and animals moving further north, and other changes cannot be denied, whether or not you believe climate change is caused by man. On June 18, Pope Francis published his second encyclical, Laudato Si, On the Care of our Common Home. It is critical of consumerism and irresponsible development and addresses environmental degradation and global warming, relentless exploitation and destruction of the environment, apathy, and the pursuit of profit, and political short sightedness.

It is a joy to hear our church leaders speak to the challenge of climate change and urge us to embrace stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility to future generations. Pope Francis cast humanity’s relationship with the natural world in ethical terms and challenged the world to stop pollution, recycle and carpool, to live without air conditioning and live a less materialistic and wasteful life. He urged all to hear “both the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.”

Live without air conditioning. Hmmm….What could you do without?

4 responses to “On the Care of Our Common Home

  1. Bonnie, thanks for this lovely post. I’m not Catholic, but Pope Francis is pretty cool. Like the Dalai Lama, he is a great spokesmen who urges people to do what’s right — and I really like the idea of hearing both the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor. We need more compassion in this world, for all living things!

  2. We have so many “wants” that we don’t really need. But air conditioning….hmmmm, not one of them in Florida. At least not for this senior.

    Each of us can do some things but apathy is the real enemy. Nice article, Bonnie, and very well-written.

  3. I’m not Catholic, either, but the Pope is certainly a church leader I respect.

  4. I love reading your posts, Bonnie. I learn so much from you.
    Kaye Linden

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