Passport 2015Bonnie Ogle is a retired public school teacher, now teaching children’s classes at the Florida Museum of Natural History, a volunteer interpreter at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera, and an avid ballroom dancer.

Bonnie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Word Weavers, a Christian Writers Community, and is secretary of the Writers Alliance of Gainesville. She is a lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi Educational Honor Society, and Girl Scouts USA. Bonnie is a supporting member of the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Sierra Club.

The author is a fan of flash fiction and creative non-fiction. She enjoys the outdoors and researching and writing about natural history topics, particularly for children and young adults.

63 Sue the T Rex

Teacher and Docent, Florida Museum of Natural History

56 Morgan 9 Miranda 7 Jackson 3 Raina almost 2


madrigal, Grace UMC worship

Lifetime Member, United Methodist Church

First Grade, Coral Reef Elem.

Retired First Grade Teacher (pictured, class of 1996)

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  1. Bonnie, this is Jim Croushorn. I love your blog! I miss our talks at Word Weavers. Has either of your articles that received awards at BRMCWC been published? If so where? My book has been published. I want to send you a copy. email me your mailing address. Have a great week-end!

    • Great to hear from you Jim. Thanks! I already got your book. It’s actually sitting on the backseat of my car because I plan to pass it on to a friend. You are an encourager and great witness! Stay well!

  2. Steve Ferkovich

    Hi Bonnie,
    What a beautiful, well-written website defending and protecting our environment. Well done! I hope it reaches a lot of people and makes them aware of what each of us can do to help out. I’ll forward your address to friends to increase your readership. Angie and I were wondering how you can get so much done and still find time to dance. Steve Ferkovich

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