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Bear-Proof Trash Cans


After bashing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, I must give kudos for the new plan to offer bear-proof garbage cans to residents where a high number of bear-human interactions, rarely happy events, are occurring. FWC is not actually gifting the containers, but providing a $20,000 grant which will help buy 163 special, secure cans for residents in a high interaction neighborhood in Marion County, Florida.

At first glance, only 163 cans for $20,000 seems like a lot, but when I did the math, it didn’t seem so bad at $122.70 each. Online shopping for bear-proof cans revealed a variety of cans up to $951.60! Further searches offer instructions on how to make your own can secure from bears. Roanoke County Solid Waste Department’s tutorial offers a cheap fix involving double hinge rasps and clips on three sides of the lid. Check it out on YouTube. But be mindful: Unless all your neighbors are on the same page, you will still have visitors from the family Ursidae on your street.

Picture Credit: QualityTaxidermysupply.com