Vote YES on Solar Issue


I encourage you to vote yes on the solar tax abatement proposal on August 30, or before. Early voting has begun in my county. Opponents (guess who?) have cleverly confused voters with a petition worded in a way to confuse voters and maintain the status quos. The proposal on the Florida Primary Election ballot will remove a barrier to solar by exempting the panels and other solar equipment from the real property tax and the tangible property tax. This policy will lower the cost of solar and greatly expand solar development. I’m betting your utility company is slipping brochures into your bills telling you to vote no. Who’s side are they on? Yours or theirs? Vote YES on Amendment 4 on August 30.

In November we will again vote on a solar issue. That one will prevent Florida residents and businesses who produce solar energy from selling it to their neighbors. What utility company wants that kind of competition? I will remind you in November to vote NO on this one

For more information visit Floridians for Solar Choice. Go to

2 responses to “Vote YES on Solar Issue

  1. Christopher Brooks

    Absolutely. I’m all in on this one and it is long overdue.

  2. I’m late responding, but I did vote “YES.”

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